The company Ferrari is located in the hills of Oliva Gessi Oltrepò Pavese, typical area winery.

The vines are cultivated: Croatina, Barbera, Uva Rara, Pinot Noir, Riesling Italico, Muscat.

The experience of half a century and the family, carried out with particular passion, make sure the product is genuine and quality.

A long winemaking tradition handed down from generation to generation. Even today, the company Fratelli Ferrari preserves the commitment and passion of the past in the cultivation of vines and production of different varieties of high quality wine.


The presence in the company allows the owners in terms of interpersonal relationships and professional a direct and friendly relationship with customers.

Our wines are now produced with advanced techniques, the result of big investments, and tradition, because the whole activity, from the vineyards to the cellars for a final product that arrives on the tables all over Italy, is set to strict compliance and recovery of the local wine-making tradition, the central element of corporate policies.

In fact, the company's roots in the traditions of local production and exploitation of land resources, accompanies and characterizes the commercial product with features typical of the rural culture and history of production and economic region.

These are the reasons for the same products become through recognition and promotion of corporate identity and territory.

The trade policies of the Brothers Ferrari are addressed to a quality market, such as the catering sector, that of wine, and specialty shops.

Trade policies that are the result of corporate strategy has always leaned to innovation, streamlining of its organization, the continuous pursuit of quality.

All goals that have allowed wines with the Ferrari brand to establish itself with prestige in the domestic markets are very sensitive to quality products, as well as those linked to productive traditions of the territory.

The company's basic business philosophy is not based on production goals in themselves or simply aimed at economic and trade benefits, in fact, in business and commercial purposes has long pursued are obvious:

- Rooted in the traditions of the local production through the recovery process of natural fermentation;

- Enhancement of agricultural products with the release and marketing of wines mainly doc (Denomination of origin);

- The promotion of vocations typical of that territory under cultivation, vineyards, grapes, all wine products, the choice of diversification in volume quantities, the company produces;

- The direct marketing of wine choices to guarantee a best-selling relationship and image of the areas of production;

- The indirect promotion of tourism, culture and history of rural land that the company makes reference center for the promotion and tasting of typical local products;

The type of work carried out but the ceiling is not very different, the quantities produced on each type of wine is limited, the productions are reduced in quantity, and therefore more easily controlled than the single variety.

During the production of wine, there are gestures that man has been saying for centuries, acquired and internalized, but no mechanical or random.

Each step, every decision follows a calendar of "rites" conveyed by nature and its processes: crushing, the decanting, the rest in the barrels ...

Every gesture dictated by a natural quest for quality and fullness of a good wine.

The pleasure of smelling a cork impregnated with the aroma of a higher quality pays off all the hard work and all the attention placed on hold and in preparing for this fateful "moment of truth" ...